Editor's Note

A Potpourri of Subjects

Books. The Caribbean. Inflation. Boats.

Believe it or not, we have managed to include all these disparate items in this AR.

AR Editor in Chief Grover Edie is in search of lost time to read books. Reading was something that he carved out time for but working and home maintenance have ransacked his stores of time. Read In My Opinion to learn how he is getting back into one of his favorite pastimes.

Some folks who have successfully carved out the time for reading are members of the CAS Leadership Development Committee. In the last few months, they formed a book club focused on business topics and now are opening the club to more members. See inside for more information on how to join.

President Mosley has been busy adding on to the construction of two pillars from the CAS Strategic Plan — in one issue! His President’s Message focuses on Building Skills for the Future and his report from the Caribbean Actuarial Association’s Annual Conference contributes to the pillar Expanding Globally.

We also continue our coverage of social inflation, a topic that is getting a lot of attention lately, with a special article from Jim Lynch and Dave Moore that updates their latest CAS Research Paper on the subject.

For the kid in you, we have a boat! Construct a paper boat out of the special Spring Meeting paper included in this issue. Instructions are on the postcard insert or, if you need some visuals, you can watch a video to see how it’s done. I have made a few, including one I call the SS Variance.

Please enjoy this issue.