Editor's Note

An Eclectic Issue

Our year-end issue contains a diverse grouping of articles—from big data to automated vehicles to gun violence.

When I first read the cover article about insuring gun owners, I wondered if it was even feasible. But a similar argument could have been made about reckless driving 100 years ago when the motor vehicle was just getting started. The CAS and the motor vehicle industry have certainly shared a lot over these past 100 years. Could this be the start of new relationship between the gun industry and the CAS?

We also feature two opinion pieces in this issue, and I am happy to see more activity in this area.

The Volunteer Honor Roll takes up the bulk of this issue, as it should. It’s our humble way of showing appreciation for those volunteers who have spent their own personal time, energy, and sometimes emotions to further the cause of the CAS. Our thanks go out to all of those who have helped the CAS to be the great organization it is today. We also thank those who have supported these volunteers and the organizations that have provided the time and funding for our members to participate.

Of course, we are all assisted by the CAS staff. In the coming issues we will feature more CAS Staff Spotlight columns. Please take time to read and get to know the CAS staff.

Indeed, we are an organization of professionals and an organization of volunteers!

P.S. The year is coming to a close and if you didn’t get enough continuing education credits in this year, it’s not too late. Check out the article about the UCAS on page 12.


The September/October 2014 Actuarial Review contains an error. In the article “From Theory to Action: The China Speed—Are You Ready for the Challenges and Opportunities Brought by C-ROSS?”, the total 2013 gross written premium for China’s property-casualty industry was approximately USD 105 billion, not USD 10.5 billion.