Editor's Note

In Celebration of Volunteers

Our custom for the November/December issue is to highlight the work of one cluster of CAS volunteers — one that proxies for multitudes of CAS members who step up every year to make things happen.

Last year we cast a light on the Joint CAS/SOA Committee on Inclusion, Equity and Diversity, a group that helps to fulfill the CAS Strategic Plan’s pillar of “Diversifying the Pipeline” of membership.

This year we spotlight the CAS International Leadership Council and the work it does through its various task forces and working groups, much of it to fulfill the CAS Strategic Plan pillar of “Expanding Globally.”

Look for more AR articles in the future on these and the third pillar of the CAS Strategic Plan, “Building Skills for the Future.”

We also toast the many businesses that allow and encourage their employees to volunteer for us. The employers of volunteers hold a singular importance for the CAS. We value their generous contributions.

A transformation is underway

The Admissions Transformation Plan (ATP) is the biggest thing to happen to Admissions since computer-based testing — and that was just last year! The ATP is the latest in a line of innovative changes to our credentialing system in recent years and is a process designed to change and grow to reflect the demands of the market. The objective is to enhance CAS credentials while ensuring that the P&C actuary of the future is well prepared and in demand.

What’s the idea?

The AR Working Group want to know what readers would like to see in the covers of the magazine. Whether it’s about the activities of a task force or working group or a member with an interesting hobby, let us know. Send your suggestions to ar@casact.org.

Thank you for reading!