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Meet the 2021 CAS Election Candidates

President-Elect Nominee

Roosevelt Mosley

FCAS 1999

I am excited to continue my service to the CAS as we advance our position as leaders in analytics and in diversity, equity and inclusion. My professional career and years of service to the CAS have prepared me to lead during this time of evolution and change. It is vitally important that we continue to develop our members for an envisioned future as problem solvers and analytics professionals, and to establish a leadership position internally and externally related to DE&I issues. Key in achieving these objectives will be frequent and open communication with membership and external constituents.

Board Director Nominees

Justin Brenden

FCAS 2009

The CAS is at an important point in time, and we will need to simultaneously stay true to our history and step boldly into the future. To do this, we need broad representation of membership, including veteran and younger members. I represent the younger generations of actuaries, but I also have extensive experience volunteering with the CAS, including serving a term as VP, chairing committees, co-authoring an exam textbook and speaking at numerous events. Therefore, I can bring the perspective of younger actuaries, but also back it up with extensive CAS experience that will help me to be effective.

Daniel Fernandez

FCAS 2015

Throughout my career, I have gained a global perspective through working with colleagues across geographies and disciplines to solve a variety of problems. I look forward to leveraging this experience to help advance the CAS in many areas, including building skills for the actuaries of tomorrow as the profession transforms, increasing the diversity of our membership and continuing to expand globally. I have volunteered for the CAS since I became a member, and for the Organization of Latino Actuaries as a co-founder and current president. I would be honored to volunteer in this capacity and serve on the CAS Board.

Kathy Olcese

FCAS 1993

I am proud to say that I am an actuary. I am proud of the benefits that actuarial science brings to the business of insurance and, in fact, to the world. I am also proud that our professional organization relies on the work of volunteers who, with CAS staff, serve the profession in educating and credentialing the membership and advancing the field of actuarial science. At this pivotal time for the CAS, bold and visionary leadership is needed to achieve our Envisioned Future. I am committed to serve the CAS in realizing this new and exciting future.

Kathleen Ores Walsh

FCAS 2010

While there has been growth in our profession during my career, we have only scratched the surface of our potential. The pandemic has shown that the need for qualified professionals who understand the forces that drive our industry is more important than ever. Given our analytical acumen, strategic thinking and domain knowledge, actuaries should be THE insurance professionals chosen to navigate through these changing times. If elected, my focus will be on appropriately evolving the credentialing process and more purposeful collaborating with the insurance industry to market, grow and develop the CAS’s most vital product, the actuary.

Alejandro Ortega

FCAS 2006

The CAS has a goal to increase diversity in the actuarial profession. I’ve spent the majority of my six-year sabbatical focusing on this specific goal as a co-founder, board member and president of the Organization of Latino Actuaries (OLA). The issues can be summarized as access and retention. OLA has done a lot of work on improving access to the profession. I’d like to take my experience and apply it to the CAS and support other marginalized communities.

Tetteh Otuteye

FCAS 2014

We live in a world with a rapidly evolving set of risks. Whether preparing for insurable risks that will emerge from the deployment of blockchain, autonomous vehicles, internet of things, global warming, global supply chain disruptions or the range of catastrophes that are likely to emerge as our world continues on its path of increasing interconnectivity, interdependence (and hence potentially greater correlation of risks), CAS actuaries are uniquely qualified to help manage and mitigate these risks as leaders within insurers as well as the new and existing industries they serve. My objective is to help future actuaries fulfill this potential.

Yvonne Palm

FCAS 2011

Having worked in the U.S. and the U.K., I am now one of only three CAS-credentialed actuaries on the African continent. I therefore bring a truly international flavo(u)r to the boardroom; this is key to achieving the latest CAS strategy. Diversity of thought is essential in the CAS boardroom to continue to stay relevant in these rapidly changing times. I would bring some very unique views with me to the board as I appreciate the issues faced in more developed economies while understanding firsthand what is happening on the ground in less developed economies.

Jason Russ

FCAS 1996

My background: worked both as insurance company actuary and consultant; ran projects across reserving, pricing and valuation; opining actuary for both large and small companies; volunteer experience includes writing ASOPs and principles, chair of a research committee, and helping put on the CAS’s first-ever webinars; and oversaw team of 700+ volunteers as chair of Syllabus/Examination Committee, culmination of 23 years on committee. I come with no preconceived notions of any agenda, but rather will use my experience and my emphasis on logic, planning and transparency to help the CAS follow through with its Strategic Plan and achieve its Envisioned Future.