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Meet the 2022 Election Candidates

For bios, videos, Q&A responses and other information on all the candidates, visit the Meet the Candidates section on the CAS website. Contact Mike Boa ( with any questions or comments about the election process.

President-Elect Nominee

Frank H. Chang
FCAS 2009 

I am excited for the opportunity to contribute to the future of the CAS by focusing on the inherent value of actuaries. I believe in our community, our standards and our education as well as in the value of our profession. As president-elect, I hope to improve the perception of the CAS among both prospective actuaries at the start of their career as well as across a broad set of employers within and outside of the insurance industry. I humbly ask for your vote. 

Board Director Nominees

Steve Belden
FCAS 1983 

I have distinguished myself through hard work on several CAS committees. I consider myself well informed on several key issues. There are many more that need board attention. I will diligently read, ask questions and inform myself so that I can better contribute to good board decisions. If elected, I want all of you to feel free to question me on issues that you see, either that the CAS should tackle or where you believe we should change our direction. I will work with the board to be sure that I represent faithfully our thoughts as I respond to you.  

Carolyn (Coe) Bergh
FCAS 2006 

I feel the board has fallen short of its duty to represent all of its members. More effort needs to be made in soliciting member input, prior to implementing changes in policy or strategy. The model for exposure draft comment and feedback would be a familiar way of soliciting this input, and I would like to see it used more frequently. This way, members can see the policies, have input, seek others’ input and ultimately see their views in the final draft or understand why another direction was decided.  

John Gleba
FCAS 1999 

As a member of the CAS board, I will strive to uphold basic principles of fairness, membership focus and promotion of equal opportunities without bias. I believe that the CAS exists because of its members and that it owes a duty to preserve the rights of those members, to act in their best interest and to push the Society in a direction that increases the opportunities available to current and future members. 

Alan M. Hines
FCAS 1990 

My business background, professional achievements and extensive experience/service in the CAS has provided me the skills and knowledge needed to make a significant contribution as a member of the CAS Board and effectively serve our members. If elected, I will advocate for a strategic plan that enhances our name recognition, expands our recognized services beyond insurance and leverages our professional standards to create greater demand for the services we perform. I will also strive to reunite our membership by soliciting member input on the strategic plan and improving transparency of the board’s decisions and actions.  

Julie Lederer
FCAS 2014 

I started my actuarial career in consulting and then became a regulator for the Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance. During my time in regulation, I have been active on NAIC committees, including the Casualty Actuarial and Statistical Task Force and the Actuarial Opinion Working Group. As such, I could offer one regulator’s perspective on issues that affect the CAS. I understand the value that the actuary provides to the insurance industry and to insurance consumers, and I would encourage the CAS to maintain focus on ensuring high standards for admission, offering relevant professional education, and fostering research. 

Len Llaguno
FCAS 2010 

For the past 10+ years I’ve been working to combine actuarial theory with machine learning. I founded KYROS Insights to deploy these innovations to help loyalty programs predict redemptions, reserve for their points liability and solve several other business problems. We have clients around the globe, including many of the world’s largest brands. Through this work, I’ve seen how powerful these approaches can be to solve problems that traditional actuarial methods could not. I believe leveraging these advances in our toolbox is critical to the future of our profession. I would like to help make this happen. 

Amber Rohde
FCAS 2013 

My passions and experience align well with the CAS Strategic Plan. I have extensive experience globally as a leader (both professionally and as a volunteer) as well as progressing the advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion in our field. As we move toward the visions laid out in both the Strategic and Admissions Transformation Plans, I believe it’s crucial we are agile along the way. The CAS must remain admired for our credentials and contributions to the industry globally. I would be honored to continue my work progressing the three pillars and representing the voice of our CAS global community. 

David Skurnick
FCAS 1971 

During my long career I contributed to actuarial professionalism by writing articles, leading seminars, teaching actuarial courses, participating on the Examination Committee, serving on the Board of Directors, leading local actuarial clubs and writing and presenting actuarial shows. The CAS leadership has gotten distracted with non-actuarial matters. I am running for the board in order to get the CAS to more fully promote actuarial professionalism.