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Meet the 2023 Election Candidates

President-Elect Nominee

David Cummings
FCAS 2002 

I am honored to be nominated to serve CAS members as president-elect. I want to strengthen our profession to become even more respected and influential. I look forward to leading the CAS through this time of economic, environmental and social challenges. The CAS is unique among the wide and expanding world of analytical careers today. We can foster a community characterized by collaboration, innovation and execution to create solutions and ensure that CAS actuaries will be highly valued for many years to come. 

Board Director Nominees

John Aquino
FCAS 1989 

My desire to run for the CAS Board is motivated by my appreciation for the 41-year career that professional affiliation with the CAS has afforded me, serving as consultant, appointed actuary, chief actuary and reinsurance solutions expert. The CAS will benefit from my independent view, a view that will be respectful of the efforts of CAS leadership and staff, and of the critical interests of the membership. My objective is to help guide the CAS on a path that celebrates all we have accomplished as an organization and to assure that the spirit of open-minded research continues. 

Emma Casehart
FCAS 2022 

I want to make the CAS a more transparent and effective organization by engaging members to guide the strategy of our professional society. The board should provide additional transparency on feedback received and communicate directly with members. I will champion additional avenues for members to contribute to the profession through volunteering and publications. I will continue my history of advocacy to evolve our rigorous admissions process so actuaries can demonstrate their competencies in our expanding actuarial skillset, like predictive analytics. My unique experience as a new Fellow helps set our strategic direction for the global risk management challenges we face. 

Wanchin Chou
FCAS 2022 

I have been Connecticut Insurance Department’s chief actuary since 2016 for actuarial and data science functions. Previously, I was with Liberty Mutual for advanced analytics and international operations. My 30 years’ actuarial services include pricing, reserving, reinsurance and advanced analytics. I currently serve as chair/vice-chair for a few NAIC WGs and as a member of the CAS Risk Management Committee and AAA’s Cyber Risk, P/C RBC and ASOP Committees. I look forward to working with the CAS leadership team to enhance communication with CAS members, promote actuarial capability and improve the regulatory environment to provide more value to the industry.  

Mike Larsen
FCAS 1982 

My goals are to focus on the direction our basic education program should take while acting to help ensure that the general membership buys into the choices that will be part of adapting our basic education program to an evolving workplace environment. To me, that means asking for and responding to feedback from the membership on key concepts before enacting change and responding to feedback on an ongoing basis. I believe our evolving working environment implies having a basic education program that balances covering current actuarial practices with modeling techniques that may not be commonly used by our current members. 

Sandy Lowe
FCAS 2019 

As a newer Fellow and co-founder of the Network of Actuarial Women and Allies, I believe that diversity of experience, perspective and tenure is essential for the CAS Board of Directors to set strategic direction. I am committed to promoting a sense of ownership and engagement among the next generation of leaders within the profession and advocating for a more diverse, equitable and inclusive profession for all. Additionally, I am determined to help further the CAS strategy to support the evolving analytical needs of the industry and to equip actuaries with necessary skills to effectively drive and influence solutions. 

Joe Milicia
FCAS 2011 

I am honored to be nominated as a candidate for the CAS Board of Directors. I have a diverse background in leadership roles in consulting and insurance in both traditional and non-traditional actuarial roles. My significant experience reporting to boards and their audit committees will enable me to quickly contribute value. If elected, I will work hard to represent the membership and ensure a bright future for the profession. Technology will evolve the actuarial role, and we need to proactively shape our domain and ensure responsible use of emerging technology such as AI. I appreciate your consideration. 

Thomas Struppeck
FCAS 1997 

Over the years, I have had a wide variety of occupations: early digital cartographer, math professor, designer of an early search engine, pricing actuary, reinsurance actuary/underwriter, financial engineer and risk-management consultant. These are not as different as they may appear; they all require some subject matter expertise and the ability to combine that knowledge with new information to produce an actionable recommendation. If the membership selects me as a board member, those experiences and others will inform my suggestions and recommendations to the other board members. 

Kathleen Ores Walsh
FCAS 2010 

While there has been growth in our profession during my career, we have only scratched the surface. Recent economic disruption has shown an urgent need for qualified professionals who understand the mechanics of insurance. In addition, with the next horizon of AI upon us, our education needs to evolve so we continue to advance our ability to predict and communicate what we know, in line with our standards of practice. If elected, my focus will be on evolving our education and more purposefully collaborating with our industry to market, grow and develop the CAS’s most vital product, the actuary.