Editor's Note

New Year, New Website

Best wishes for a wonderful new year from the staff of Actuarial Review!

We are getting 2018 started right with a brand new dedicated website for AR. You will find it easier to navigate on desktop, plus it looks great on a phone or tablet. We also will be featuring web exclusives for our online readers. Of course, the print copy is still available for those of prefer the feel of paper.

And now for a brief look back.

I am compelled to relay more of the story about a mistake in our last issue. Taylor Krebsbach, the subject of our Downtime column, was so pleased to see her story about being a beekeeper, but she noticed a problem all too familiar to her: Her last name was misspelled.

Krebsbach graciously wrote to the author Laurie McClellan that she had “too many bees to make up for the missing ‘b’ in my last name.”

Not only is she gracious, but she’s punderful!

This kind of error happens all the time, and it’s especially bothersome when it involves such a nice person. I thank Taylor Krebsbach for taking it so well. I take full responsibility for the error and have had the online version corrected. And in the spirit of the error, I will gladly take my lumps.

Yours truly, Elisabeth Smyth


The November/December 2017 contains some errors.

In the Downtime column, “Meant to Bee,” Taylor Krebsbach’s last name is misspelled as Kresbach.

In Explorations, “In Praise of Value at Risk,” the first column on p. 49 repeats the definition of v for sample X unnecessarily and confusingly. Also, both lines of Figure 1 are erroneously labeled with X; the right-hand side should be labeled Y.  And on p. 49, in the first and third columns, the variable n should be greater than or equal to (≥) the respective numbers 2 and 3, not less than (≤).  Thanks to Jim Muza, FCAS, for alerting AR.

In the 2017 CAS Volunteer Honor Roll, Avraham Adler was omitted.

The AR regrets the errors. The November/December issue is updated online.