Editor's Note

Something for Everyone

A number of our members move into nonactuarial roles, including directing business units and heading up underwriting divisions. If you are one of those actuaries, or work with one of them in a “nontraditional” role, the “Professional Insight” would be good to read, if not now, then for future reference.

Regardless of where you stand on environmental issues, I recommend that you read about Gene Connell in “Downtime.” Some people only talk about environmental remediation; Gene and his wife, Anne, are doing something about it.

Annmarie Geddes Baribeau completes her trio of articles on predictive modeling in this issue. As excited as many of us are about the prospects of predictive modeling, there are obstacles to overcome. Even if predictive modeling is not your thing, this article illustrates why some insurers are reluctant to embrace new techniques and technologies.

CAS President Nancy Braithwaite declares “constant change” to be her theme for the year. She asks two excellent questions that should generate a lot of discussion.

Speaking of change, as insurance changes internationally, our members are responding to the need to assist emerging insurance markets. Be sure to read Bob Conger’s account of how some CAS members are working with actuaries in the Malaysian insurance market to help implement the latest in motor insurance.


In an article titled “CAS Honors Award Winners” (AR January/February 2017), Paul E. Kinson’s designation is incorrect. Kinson is an Associate of the CAS. In the same article, Christopher Styrsky and Paul Grammens are misidentified. The photos with corrected captions are below. AR regrets these errors.