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The CAS Adopts New Strategic Plan

The Casualty Actuarial Society Board of Directors has adopted a revised version of the CAS Strategic Plan, which sets the direction for the CAS’s continued growth and success over the next five years. Building on the momentum generated by the plan implemented in 2012, the revised plan continues to support the organization’s strong commitment to education and professionalism, while also recognizing the Society’s expanding focus into new areas.

The foundation of the Strategic Plan is the set of seven core values that define the essential and enduring CAS principles that will guide the organization into 2020 and beyond. The values of collaboration, community, continual improvement, professionalism, and practicality carry over from the prior iteration of the plan. The 2017 plan has added the values of diversity and innovation.

The Strategic Plan articulates the scope of casualty actuarial practice and the work of the 8,000 members of the CAS who are valued worldwide for their advice and insight in solving risk-related challenges. The scope also has seen an expansion from the prior plan, with a new recognition that CAS members will be called upon to embrace innovation and adapt and evolve their practice as new sources of risk and uncertainty emerge in the future.

While the CAS Strategic Plan has expanded its focus in a number of ways, the organization’s core purpose remains the same: to advance and promote the practice and application of casualty actuarial science. This is achieved by:

  • continually expanding the body of actuarial knowledge as it applies to casualty actuarial problems.
  • expanding the practice into wider areas of application.
  • establishing qualification standards.
  • delivering basic and continuing education programs.
  • sustaining high standards of conduct and competence.
  • creating a dynamic community for casualty actuaries and related practitioners.

Fulfillment of the core values and purpose of the CAS will be accomplished by achieving the action-oriented goals outlined in the plan. The goals — and their supporting objectives — are organized around six specific areas in the CAS: basic education, continuing education, influence and outreach, research, professionalism, and member community.

“Our Strategic Plan continues to envision the CAS as the premier organization advancing the practice and application of casualty actuarial science and educating professionals in P&C practice,” said CAS President Nancy Braithwaite, FCAS. “Our enduring values, along with a new focus on diversity and innovation, will move us towards the realization of our vision. With this plan, we reconfirm to our stakeholders our intention to lead the worldwide casualty actuarial profession into the future.”

The complete CAS Strategic Plan and an infographic depicting the key elements of the plan are available for download.

To provide feedback on the plan to the CAS Board, please send an email to