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The CAS Institute Announces New CSPAs

Nineteen individuals have earned The CAS Institute’s Certified Specialist in Predictive Analytics credential as of March 2021. For more information about The CAS Institute, visit

Mingqiong Chen, FCAS, CSPA
Dr. Jay Michael Call, ACAS, CPCU, MAAA, CSPA
David Clapp, ACAS, CSPA
Wilfred John Edwards, FCAS, MAAA, CSPA
Matthew Drury Frieling, FCAS, CSPA
Matthew C. Godkin, FCAS, CSPA
Alex James Harris, FCAS, CSPA
Nicholas Havrilla, CSPA
Hsiang Wen Huang, FCAS, CSPA
Andrew Thomas Hutchinson, ACAS, CSPA
Ethan Yisung Kang, FCAS, CSPA
Nitija Kharel, CSPA
Teig Boden Loge, CSPA
Cody Lee Marsh, FCAS, CSPA
Robert B. McCleish, FCAS, CSPA
Tyson Mohr, FSA, CSPA, CPCU
Prem Prakash, ACAS, CSPA, CPCU, MAAA
Amanda C. Weihe, FCAS, CSPA
Ce Xiong, FCAS, CSPA