Editor's Note

Together Again, Briefly

Last November, CAS members converged on San Diego, California, to attend the CAS Annual Meeting. It was our first event in person since the start of the pandemic and one that was filled with many emotions.  

For some, joy; for others, trepidation. And there definitely was a distinct feeling during the proceedings. Some would go so far as to define it as electricity. “The energy of people seeing each other in-person was palpable,” said CAS Professional Education Manager Kellee Jenkins, who was working at her first CAS Annual Meeting.  

CAS staff and attendees may have been a bit rusty at conference routines, but soon got up to speed and into the groove. 

Our feature stories highlight Annual Meeting sessions on several hot topics in the insurance industry. And, of course, we’ve included photos. New CAS Associates and Fellows, who earned their designations in 2020 and 2021, got their chance to celebrate their accomplishments. (Group photos of these new and proud CAS members will appear in the next AR.)  

Déjà vu all over again

Although the weather was nice and the meeting went seamlessly, they did not portend that the omicron variant would soon cause a surge in COVID cases.  

And so, the CAS Board has decided to conduct the 2022 RPM Seminar virtually and to forego the in-person event. The decision was made with the utmost of caution. Please see the CAS website for all the information you need on the 2022 Virtual RPM Seminar. 

I am certain that CAS members will meet again soon in person as a community at the 2022 Spring Meeting for the exchange of ideas — and business cards! Until that time, be safe and healthy! 

On the cover

Our cover story showcases four CAS members who have taken the leap into insurtech. Their companies are dedicated to enhancing the customer experience, among other things, utilizing cutting-edge, modern technology. Traditional insurers haven taken note, either following suit wholeheartedly or gradually adapting insurtech ideas.  

I hope you enjoy this issue of  Actuarial Review.