Editor's Note

Volunteers Get it Done

It’s become an AR tradition with the last issue of the year to honor our volunteers and the tremendous work that they do for the organization. But we don’t want to forget the employers who support the work of our volunteers. For that we thank them.

This issue is extra special in that our own Editorial-Production Manager Sarah Sapp interviews CAS member Erin Olson, who tells all about the University Engagement Advisory Working Group. The UEAWG concentrates on the crucial first element of the pipeline to grow the CAS membership. It hardly seems like work to hear Olson tell it, however. If you’d like to see the taped interview between the two, please check out the AR Web Exclusives page. Another AR print and Web Exclusive combo features the CAS Director of Professional Education Dave Core interviewing Amy Juknelis, who completed her three-year term this November as vice president-professional education.

We are excited to be offering more videos on the AR website and would be remiss not to credit the pioneering efforts of our outgoing CAS Board Chair Jessica Leong. President Leong got us started with her award-winning video series of interviews with inspiring actuaries, and AR is not looking back. Thank you, Jessica Leong!

Promising future

For 20 years, the CAS Trust has given promising students scholarships to pursue the actuarial profession. There is no guarantee that a scholarship recipient will follow the actuarial path, but in this issue, we tracked down some of these recipients who became or are on their way to becoming actuaries. Besides the career, there’s a familiar theme of dedication in their journeys.

Also in this issue, Kathy Antonello writes her last column as CAS President, which also serves as her presidential address to the membership. Although CAS Presidents are all very different, they share one important attribute: their commitment to and hope for the profession. Antonello reminds us of the terrible workplace conditions and the stark societal need that formed the basis of the Casualty Actuarial Society. Even though the impediments may have seemed insurmountable, actuaries have always faced obstacles and used their insights and expertise to solve problems and transform situations.