Editor's Note

Be In The Know!

It’s election time again, and our cover story introduces you briefly to the candidates running for spots on the CAS Board. However, there’s even more information on the candidates’ views, including video, on the CAS website, making it easier for you to make an informed vote. In the President’s Message, Kathy Antonello writes of the board’s mission and the importance of voting. The board will ultimately affect the direction of the organization, so watch and read to decide on your representatives. 

Of this AR’s feature stories, Dale Porfilio, FCAS, covers sessions from the 2022 CAS Spring Meeting. Hot topics include the root causes and practical considerations for dealing with inflation for pricing, reserving and planning; using behavioral science to better communicate with leadership teams; and viewing the risks emerging around climate-related litigation through the lens of reinsurance. 

In our other feature story, CAS Country Manager for China, Ran Guo, FCAS, writes about our efforts in that country to expand understanding and interest of the property-casualty insurance business. Students as well as statistics and insurance professionals competed in a series of data analysis competitions emphasizing P&C practice. One competitor noted the “charm” of analyzing insurance data, confirming what CAS members have known for a long time!  

Ethical Issues is back with another scenario designed to stimulate discussion amongst AR readers. Let us know what you would do in this case dreamt up by the Professionalism Education Working Group by emailing ar@casact.org. 

Finally, after several weeks of effort, AR welcomes the last of the group photos from the 2021 CAS Annual Meeting. This set of photos is of the CAS Fellows from 2020 and 2021 who were able to attend the 2021 meeting in San Diego last November. (Their ACAS counterparts were featured in May-June 2022 AR.) Delayed by the pandemic and the loss of some of the identification papers, the photo captions were verified with the tremendous help of the photos’ subjects. I heartily thank these new CAS Associates and Fellows for their assistance. Let’s all celebrate these fine professionals once again on their achievements!