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CAS Issues Call for Monographs on Data Quality Techniques

The Casualty Actuarial Society, in conjunction with the CAS Monograph Committee, is pleased to extend a call for monographs on the topic of “Data Quality Techniques.” The purpose of this call is to develop a source of literature with emphasis on the educational and professional needs of actuaries to foster better understanding of data quality issues and data management techniques, with particular regards to their impact on P&C actuarial practice.

Dealing with data from various sources is a fundamental skill required of actuaries, with data quality issues impacting a significant part of an actuary’s work. Managing and maintaining the quality of internal data systems, sourcing alternative data, and understanding the quality of external data are important parts of actuarial analysis. This call is intended to develop relevant literature on the topic. Monographs in this series can range from compendia of data assurance techniques in P&C insurance to detailed notes on data quality improvement strategies. The authors may discuss one or a small number of methods in great detail or provide a survey of the various methods, elucidating the pros and cons of each method and connections between them.

Some examples of specific questions these monographs may address include:

  • A comprehensive review of exploratory data assurance techniques
  • A comprehensive review of data cleansing
  • Quality improvement strategies
  • Techniques of cost/quality/performance tradeoff measurement
  • A survey of data quality management in casualty insurance
  • Best practices in data quality management
  • Privacy and data quality
  • Data quality frameworks
  • Information quality
  • Measuring data quality
  • The insurance data life cycle
  • Regulatory requirements and ASOP 23

All monographs are expected to either be accompanied by tools or code that allows the techniques discussed to be implemented, or include links to open source software and code for this purpose.

Topics noted within this Call for Monographs are not only of interest to many practicing actuaries but may also be of interest to the CAS Syllabus Committee. The Monograph Editorial Board especially welcomes proposals that enrich material currently used to train P&C actuaries. This means that monographs that are highly readable and are structurally amenable to having questions set from them are preferred. Authors are encouraged, but not required, to include examples and exercises that help teach the concepts being explained.

Authors must submit their work in accordance with the Guidelines for Submission of Monographs published on the CAS website. The Monographs will be subject to peer review prior to final acceptance. Authors of monographs that are accepted within the timeline outlined below may be invited to present their work at a related CAS seminar or meeting.

For more information on scope, submission guidelines and timetable for the Monograph Call, visit

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