Editor's Note

CAS Research and Building Skills

A recent survey of the CAS Member Advisory Panel shows that 93% of them agreed that research continues to be an important part of the CAS’s mission. So how are we keeping you up to speed? Our cover story author, CAS Research Actuary Brian Fannin, reports on the multilayered activities of the CAS Research Council and the Research Working Groups. As of this printing, three new CAS Research Papers are soon set to be released concerning wildfire, flood risk and inclusive insurance. The new CAS Research Council has identified six high-priority projects, and there are many more projects waiting in the wings. CAS Research is truly “working!”

We are excited to announce the debut of a new AR column, Building Skills for the Future. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because it is taken directly from the CAS Strategic Plan. The column will periodically feature articles that direct members to explore actuarial literature or session recordings or any other kinds of media and materials that will help them hone their practical, theoretical and communication skills.

The column premieres with two stories. First, Jim Lynch and Dave Moore give further details about their February 2022 CAS Research Paper collaboration, “Social Inflation and Loss Development,” which tackles two topics very much top of mind today. Second, AR’s own Julie Lederer (Julie is one of our magazine copy editors) writes about the 2022 Call Paper Program on Reserves.

The news of these call papers is extra exciting to us in publications because they will be posted on a new, improved E-Forum microsite whose features include improved readability, searchability and cross-referencing. Be sure to take a look at these papers and navigate the new site.

From meeting, seminar and webinar offerings to literature and session recordings, the CAS has so much that members can tap into to enlarge their actuarial and business capabilities, but there are many other sources too. AR’s Building Skills for the Future column is also open to other resources, so please send your column ideas to ar@casact.org.

Please enjoy this issue!