Editor's Note

Losses and Gains

Inflation takes top billing in this issue of AR. Many factors have contributed to it, including COVID lockdowns, supply chain issues and Russia’s war on Ukraine. Several P&C insurance experts predicted this inflationary period more than a year ago, when they were feeling the pinch of rising repair and preplacement costs. Annmarie Geddes Baribeau delves into this topic and its effects on the insurance industry in one of her last stories for AR. Annmarie has been one of AR’s primary contributors. It’s with mixed feelings that I announce that she is leaving the freelance world for one of steady paychecks — in other words, an exciting new job at a new company. Annmarie truly knows insurance and actuaries, and her love of the profession has guided her career, writing and presentations for many years. She has been a tremendous asset to Actuarial Review. I will miss her dearly but am heartened to report that she lives nearby. Lunch plans are definitely on the agenda.

I have some very welcome news in the form of a new CAS employee, Sarah Sapp, who is taking on the newly created role of editorial/production manager for CAS publications. In just her first week, Sarah has jumped right into this Actuarial Review issue and other CAS publications. I am so happy to be collaborating with her!

This issue also features stories from RPM Seminar held this March. Dale Porfilio’s stories are all nonfiction, but one article, “The Computer Knows Your Secrets,” could easily classify as a horror story for the modern age. After you read it, I encourage you to view the session video recording on UCAS, the association’s portal to conference recordings and other CAS microlearning content offerings. Warning: Be wary of smartphone apps.

Last April our AR family suffered the tragic loss of Don Mango, a frequent AR contributor who wrote mainly for the Explorations and Brainstorms columns. He was a brilliant, yet humble man. He always made the effort to say hello to me at in-person events. I would tease him about his resemblance to Mad Men’s Don Draper and his penchant for wearing pink and blue gingham button-down shirts that his wife had picked out for him. He left this world far too soon and will be sorely missed. Deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.