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Meet the 2020 CAS Election Candidates

President-Elect Nominee

Katherine H. Antonello
FCAS 2001

I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to give back to the organization that laid the foundation for my career, with an emphasis on reshaping the credentialing process and educational offerings so that the CAS adapts to this rapidly changing environment. With more than 30 years of broad actuarial background, I will strive to bring a unique perspective as president-elect by drawing on lessons learned from my company, consulting and bureau experience. My understanding of the varied actuarial needs of numerous stakeholders, including executives, students, companies, regulators and legislators will help the CAS formulate a competitive strategy and thrive.


Board Director Nominees

Justin Brenden
FCAS 2009

The CAS is at an important point in time, and we will need to simultaneously stay true to our history and step boldly into the future. To do this, we need broad representation of membership, including veteran and younger members. I would represent the younger generations of actuaries well, given that I both qualify as a millennial and that I have extensive experience with the CAS. During my recent term as CAS vice president from 2016-2019, I learned about the dynamics of the CAS Board, and I will also be able to draw on my experience from the corporate boardroom.

Jonathan Charak
FCAS 2013

Throughout my career, I have continued looking to develop. I have spent time in the U.S. and Australian markets, traditional pricing and reserving positions, as well as operational, strategic and underwriting roles. I believe this added diversity of thought has made me a better actuary. I am outspoken, always eager to learn, and willing to probe and ask questions. I strongly believe in the CAS, its mission and the talented membership. I have grown from my 10 years of volunteering with the CAS and would love the opportunity to serve the CAS and its membership on the board.

Kris DeFrain
FCAS 2000

I hope to bring diverse experiences to the board from serving the CAS as vice president-international, working in regulation for 20 years and starting my career in the P&C insurance industry in both small and large actuarial departments. I will support innovative strategies that create new opportunities and build on our P&C actuarial foundation, strategies to broaden our educational scope embracing new techniques and industries, and strategies to aid both basic and continuing education. I am eager to help the CAS as it evolves in the world of actuarial and data science.

Pierre Laurin
FCAS 1989

With close to 40 years’ experience as a CAS actuary, I can bring insights, enthusiasm and energy to help the CAS address the many issues it faces. From I&D to technology and COVID-19, our Society needs to take on these challenges. I want to help guide timely solutions that must be implemented, while maintaining a strong base of ethics and morality. As a result, our international stature will improve, and our members will be recognized as contributors. Our members will look to the CAS for support throughout their careers beyond the exam process. I am on task for these challenges.

David Mamane
FCAS 2016

I am a compassionate, curious and collaborative volunteer leader looking to inspire the CAS and our members to be bold, innovative and forward-looking. If elected to the board, my platform would include the following key issues: the continued modernization of our basic and continuing education, elevating actuaries as key strategic advisors to C-suite executives and ensuring the sustainability of the profession and the CAS. In the wake of COVID-19, the actuarial profession is going to experience unprecedented social, economic and technological disruption, and I look forward to the opportunity to help position the CAS for success through the recovery.

Alejandra S. Nolibos
FCAS 2002

As many others, I discovered the actuarial profession almost by accident, yet it was the perfect match. I have gained a broad and global perspective through working on diverse topics and collaboration across geographies and disciplines. My career was shaped by working with and mentoring colleagues with diverse interests and backgrounds and by the privilege of counting exceptional actuaries as my own mentors. Volunteering in the CAS and AAA has been a highlight. I am incredibly proud to be an actuary and hope to bring this experience, my perspectives and my enthusiasm to the board.

Erika Schurr
FCAS 2006

As a member of the CAS Board, I look forward to the opportunity to leverage diverse perspectives and experiences to foster ideas and innovation that will enable our profession to adapt to an environment where change is constant. I also want to broaden the reach of the actuarial profession, tapping into our capabilities and knowledge to solve challenges beyond what we traditionally support, integrating the value of actuarial science more broadly within business functions and the communities we serve.

Geoffrey Werner
FCAS 1997

The demand for analytical resources who can solve real-world issues has never been greater. Our members are trained to do just that, yet companies are not always choosing our members for those roles. I am honored to be nominated as a candidate for the CAS Board of Directors. If elected, I will leverage my broad experience to expand the opportunities for CAS members in traditional and nontraditional roles globally. I will do so by driving strategic initiatives across all CAS verticals: admissions, research & development, education, international and marketing & communication.