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Professional Education Department launches a New Online Community

The CAS Professional Education Department has created a new avenue of engagement among experts called the Professional Education Projects Online Community.

Many of our members and other interested parties were not receiving our various announcements and information on exciting projects throughout the year.  By forming this community, we hope to engage and reach even more people.

This community will serve as an information center for CAS Professional Education initiatives. Individuals who are a part of this group will receive updates including calls for speakers and subject matter experts, meeting and seminar presentations, and online course proposals.

We encourage any individuals interested in CAS professional education projects, or those who want to share their expertise, to join this community. We also encourage all of our community members to share new and cutting-edge ideas for future CAS projects.

We hope that this new community will foster a lot of discussion and a way for the CAS community to interact.

To join the Professional Education Projects community, please log into the CAS Online Community at and subscribe to the group under “Announcement Lists.” Please note that by being a member of this group, you will receive email notifications whenever the CAS Staff updates the group with new information.