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Proposed Holidays for Actuaries

In addition to the common company holidays, I would humbly suggest a few extra days off for actuaries.

1/1, 2/4, 3/9, 4/16 and 5/25 — (Month2 = Day) Days

C’mon, whenever the day is equal to the month squared, you should be able to sleep in. Notice that 1/1 and 5/25 have already been given to us in 2015, so three more shouldn’t have taken too much effort. Going forward …

1/6/18 — Rho Day

Plan now as there are less than three years to go for this once-in-a-century phenomenon. It promises to be a “golden” day!

1/1/23, 1/12/35, 11/23/58 —
Fibonacci Days

These are good days to binge watch your favorite TV series on Netflix or whatever entertainment conveyances exist in the future — microchip brain implant, anyone? Be sure to watch the shows in pairs and always re-watch the prior episode first.

2/7 — “e” Day

Clearly, 2/7/18 will be part of a big year (along with Rho Day) for the irrational and transcendental numbers. I’ve already booked my dinner reservations.

3/14 — Pi Day

This is a good time for any mathematically inclined person to be home celebrating with family all around. If you were lucky enough to be born on this holiest of high holidays, you get the entire week off.

When he’s not dreaming up holidays, Michael Ersevim, ACAS, is AVP-Actuary for AmTrust Underwriters, Inc. in Rocky Hill, Connecticut.