Editor's Note

The Balminess of Minnesota

Minnesota in November. Who would’ve thought it could be so warm? Mind you, many people were sporting puffer jackets, gloves and hats, but the warmth at the CAS Annual Meeting in Minneapolis was as comforting as a great hug from an old friend. 

The pandemic drags on, but life and meetings do go on. There’s still a buzz of excitement that is present when people who’ve been shut in come together once again. They come to learn, to mingle or network, to listen or be listened to. They leave behind their usual surroundings in search of knowledge that nurtures them in their chosen professions. 

And on a rainy Tuesday night, meeting attendees shrugged off career endeavors and got in touch with their childhoods on the rides at Nickelodeon Universe. 

In our first issue of 2023, we look back to the not-so-distant past with coverage and photos from the CAS Annual Meeting. We publish CAS President Roosevelt Mosley’s first column as leader of the CAS. This “President’s Message” lays out some of his plans for the year and makes plain why “firsts” are important. Meanwhile in “Random Sampler,” CAS Past President Brian Brown dispenses his wisdom in his Annual Meeting Address to New Members. We also debut “Making Things Happen,” an occasional column introducing readers to some of the many dedicated members who volunteer for the CAS.  

Please enjoy this issue of AR – perhaps by a cozy fire. Happy New Year! 


The It’s a Puzzlement column, titled “Picking a Trusted Fiduciary” (November/December 2022 AR), contains an error. Two of Deckard’s conclusions should have read as follows: 

  • Excluding Delilah, over half of the other candidates are truthful.
  • Excluding Leni, fewer than half of the other candidates are truthful.

AR regrets the error.