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The Royal Family of Honorary Managing General Agent Titles

But first, some rules of etiquette! Upon meeting the owner of a managing general agent (MGA), one should make a small curtsy or bow, keeping eyes lowered to the ground. Offer up free food and rounds of golf in abundance. Slay the fatted calf and let the wine flow! Caution—no matter how unprofitable a program is, take care not to disturb or disgruntle the Exalted Agent who gave you the losses. Remember—you could lose the business! Be sure to use an appropriate title below to show deference and respect.

His Royal Highness of Unsustainable Growth

Chancellor of Continually Climbing Claim Counts

His Eminence of Emerging Excess Losses

Tudor of Top-Line Treachery

Count d’Money (de Mo-NAY!)

Countess of Contingent Commission

Captain of Capricious Captive Collateralization

Duke of Dastardly Development

Regent of Run-off

Emir of Emaciated Earnings

Queen of Questionable Reserving Practices and her business partner, Sir Stair-Step

Lord Most High Loss Ratio

Prince of Program Administration Puffery

Princess of Premiums-Just-Need-to-Catch-Up-to-Losses

His Eminence of Hastily Entering New Markets

Her Grace of Gratitude for Renewing

Poobah of Puny Profitability

Exchequer of Unsupported Comp

The Sultan of Sky-High Self-Worth

The Almighty of Alarming ALAE

The Tutankhamen of Treaty Torching