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Authors of Two CAS Monographs Awarded Honoraria

The Monograph Editorial Board (MEB) has bestowed honoraria upon two CAS monographs published in response to the MEB’s call for monographs on predictive modeling in P&C ratemaking and pricing.

The MEB established the honoraria for the P&C ratemaking call to motivate authors and to recognize worthwhile literature contributions on this important topic. The MEB issued the call in November 2014 with the request that proposals “enrich material currently used to train P&C actuaries.”

Two completed monographs were received in response to the call and both were accepted; the first was published in June 2016 and the second in July 2017:

Generalized Linear Models for Insurance Rating by Mark Goldburd, Anand Khare and Dan Tevet.

A Machine-Learning Approach to Parameter Estimation by Jim Kunce and Som Chatterjee.

An MEB subcommittee judged the monographs for the honoraria, evaluating in four areas: responsiveness, originality, usefulness and readability. The subcommittee determined that both monographs were important additions to the literature and were deserving of recognition. The MEB awarded $5,000 to each of the monographs, to be divided among the authors.