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CAS Releases 2020 Annual Report

The CAS is pleased to release the 2020 CAS Annual Report, a publication detailing the organization’s notable activities and accomplishments over the past year. Throughout its pages, CAS members, candidates and other stakeholders will view examples of outstanding work done in 2020, with a view towards future initiatives the CAS is now pursuing in 2021.

Highlights from this year’s report include:

  • Key diversity statistics for the organization
  • A snapshot of the computer-based testing launch in Fall 2020
  • The story behind the new CAS Student Central Summer program
  • A full listing of CAS’s research and publication accomplishments
  • A look back at the convenings, conferences and events of 2020
  • Examples of the great work being done by members, volunteers and staff throughout the year

This year’s report features testimonials from CAS volunteers and staff in different functional areas to provide additional insight into last year’s CAS initiatives. The report also features a 2020 Year in Review video that encapsulates the key statistics from the past year in a fast-paced, engaging format.

To view the complete report, visit the CAS Annual Report page.