Editor's Note

Emerging Issues and Expanding Careers

We have a full issue for May-June. There is a plethora of articles about how telematics, the internet of things, and self-driving vehicles, including drones, are impacting our lives and will be in the future. Commercial buildings have been using computerized heating and cooling programs to reduce energy consumption while optimizing temperature for some time. The characteristics of the building and its systems are matched to weather and occupancy forecasts, among other things. Our cover story, “Getting Personal,” provides a glimpse of where new technology might be moving into the home. This is an emerging market that actuaries should pay attention to.

In our last issue, President Jessica Leong’s interview of CAS President-Elect Kathy Antonello tells how Antonello rose to the top of her profession. The video and print interview are great for students considering professions and careers as well as working actuaries. Leong continues her President’s video series this issue with Adam Driussi of Quantium. Driussi is an enterprising actuary from Sydney, Australia, who is turning what it means to be an actuary on its ear! Throughout the interview, you learn how Driussi has broadened the expanse of actuarial services. Can actuaries help grocery stores? You bet! Be sure to check out this and all the interviews in the series on how to expand your career.

May is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, and in this issue, we highlight this important and growing CAS demographic in the CAS Member Infographic series. Mallika Bender, co-chair of the CAS/SOA Joint Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, looks back a year ago last May to report on the committees activities in “A Year of Progress.”

If you didn’t attend the virtual RPM — or even if you did — you can catch up on some of the great sessions covered at RPM. Topics include COVID-19 and P&C insurance, social justice and insurance ratings.

I hope you enjoy this issue. Thank you for reading!


The March-April Comings and Goings column contains an error. Aaron Hillebrandt was incorrectly listed as an ACAS. He is a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society.