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Certify Compliance with the CAS Continuing Education Policy

All Fellows and Associates need to certify their compliance with the CAS CE Policy’s requirements by December 31, 2023. Members must certify compliance at the end of each calendar year as compliance with the CAS CE Policy allows the member to provide actuarial services in the year immediately following certification of compliance. This means that members should be certifying or attesting as to whether they have complied with their CE/CPD requirements during the 2023 calendar year in order to be able to provide actuarial services in 2024.

If a member is practicing as an actuary, the member should indicate the proper attestation year as the year during which they are able to practice after having met the prior years’ necessary CE/CPD requirements. For example, a member who completed their required CE/CPD requirements during 2023 will be able to provide actuarial services in 2024.

Note that even members who are not in actuarial roles should review the requirements, as CE compliance may still be required.

If members are not providing actuarial services, they must still attest within their CAS membership account. Members who do not provide actuarial services do not have to earn CE or meet the CAS CE Policy. The CAS CE Policy defines “Actuarial Services” as “Professional Services provided to a Principal by an individual acting in the capacity of an actuary. Such services include the rendering of advice, recommendations, findings, or opinions based upon actuarial considerations.”

How to Certify Compliance

To certify compliance, members should attest for 2024 by December 31, 2023, by following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign into your CAS member account by clicking on the “Login” tab at the top of the page.
  3. Click on the “Profile” tab.
  4. Under the “My Account Links,” click on “My Attestation.”
  5. Click the “Add” button found in the upper right-hand corner.
  6. Select attestation year “2024.”
  7. Under the “Compliance Attestation” field, select which statement applies to you.
  8. Under the “Method” field, select the Recognized National Standard with which you are complying.

Members who do not certify their compliance or who do not indicate they are not providing actuarial services by February 1, 2024, will be shown as non-compliant under the Continuing Education heading of the membership directory on the CAS website. Members who are listed as non-compliant may be subject to further administrative penalties as determined by the CAS Board.

For more information on certification, visit the Continuing Education Policy webpage, review the CAS CE Policy or email

Circumstance Answer
You recently became a new ACAS/FCAS member and are still taking actuarial exams? YES, the time you spend in independent study for exams may be counted toward CE requirements.
You are an actuary working in a nontraditional area of practice (e.g., underwriter, risk manager, CEO)? YES, actuaries in nontraditional areas may still be providing “actuarial services” as defined above.
You did not complete the relevant amount of CE/CPD needed for your chosen Qualification Standard or Requirement? YES, even if members have not yet met their CE/CPD needed for their chosen Qualification Standard or Requirement, they must still attest.

If actuaries attest as non-compliant, they may not provide actuarial services until they become compliant with their chosen Recognized National Standard. Actuaries may update their attestation at any time of the year to “compliant” once they have met the requirements.

You are no longer providing actuarial services? YES, if you recently stopped providing actuarial services, you must attest this year.

Members that attested “not providing actuarial services” last year and plan to continue not providing actuarial services in 2024 will not be required to attest again unless their status changes.

You are retired? YES, members who are retired may still be subject to CE Policy. Only if you are not currently providing actuarial services, are you exempt from attesting on an annual basis and exempt from meeting the CE requirements.

If you are retired but continue to provide actuarial services from time to time, you should attest appropriately and meet CE requirements.

You are an Affiliate of the CAS? NO, you do not need to attest because Affiliates are not subject to the CAS CE Policy.