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Meet the 2019 CAS Election Candidates

President-Elect Nominee

Jessica (Weng Kah) Leong
FCAS 2006

Becoming an actuary is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I want to do my part so that new members and students feel the same way as they progress through their career.

Did you know that in the last 10 years, the profession has almost doubled from 4,500 members to 8,000?

Clearly the profession has been successful and we’ve done well to maintain our relevance.

But how can we do even better? How can we thrive in today’s environment? How can we thrive for the next 30 years?

These opportunities make me excited about this role.

Board Director Nominees

Carl X. Ashenbrenner
FCAS 2000

I will work to ensure the CAS is the premier educational, research and accrediting institution for casualty actuaries worldwide.  As a board member, I will be representing all CAS members.  I am open-minded and will listen to CAS members for their ideas and thoughts.  I will work on maintaining the high standard of the CAS designation, enhance CE opportunities, encourage research and publications, and support diversity and inclusion within the CAS.

Kudakwashe Chibanda
FCAS 2014

We are changing — in what we do and how we do it. This change affords us the opportunity to decide on our profession’s future trajectory. In my decade working in insurance, consulting and data science, I have experienced the breadth of our technical and business capabilities. As a CAS volunteer, I have grappled with the challenges of meeting the needs of a rapidly changing organization. I hope to leverage those experiences and perspectives on the CAS Board to help guide our future.

Smitesh Davé
FCAS 1998

Fueled by a desire to give back to the actuarial profession that has provided me with so much over my career, I seek to bring my experiences to the CAS Board, including:

  • as an actuary presenting to the board of my company.
  • as a board member of a non-profit helping guide the management team.
  • as a member of society that is served by the CAS membership.

I believe that for every issue we should:

  • seek multiple viewpoints representing the various constituents.
  • engage in vigorous yet respectful debate.
  • strive for an outcome with consensus.

Emilee Kuhn
FCAS 2010

I have known I wanted to be an actuary since I was 16, and I have a passion for this profession.  I have spent my career looking at opportunities through a different lens, and I want to do all that I can to help the CAS continue to grow and thrive.  I am honored and humbled to have been nominated to be a leader of this organization and hope that I can earn your vote.


Todd Lehman
FCAS 2002

I have served the CAS for almost 20 years in various committee roles and leadership positions. Most recently, I have been partnering with fellow actuaries, nonactuarial colleagues and CAS staff to help launch The CAS Institute and begin building it into a leading organization for predictive analytics and data science education.

Today, digitization and technology are driving emerging issues, creating new approaches and disrupting our operations. Despite these changes, I believe our society can simultaneously remain independent while leading the way in our specialty and finding common ground with professions and organizations where we have aligned interests and goals.

Sherwin Li
FCAS 2013

Times are changing very fast and new technologies have quickly entered our lives. AI, blockchain, cloud computing, big data — the so-called ABCD — all have become normal parts of markets all over the world. Facing these new opportunities today, many organizations want to take the lead in both mature and emerging markets. As a leading P&C actuarial professional organization, however, the CAS has numerous comparative advantages. Working outside the U.S., I will try to promote actions that expand the CAS as the best P&C actuarial organization — from North America to the world, from traditional to new technologies.

Mary Frances Miller
FCAS 1988

I have given back to the Society throughout my career. Now more than ever, CAS needs strong leadership to help us as we move forward in the face of membership growth, of rapidly advancing science, and of competition for our members from other professions and organizations. I am especially good at identifying core issues and building consensus solutions, and I look forward to bringing my experience to the board.

Kathy Odomirok
FCAS 2005

I am incredibly grateful, excited and passionate about the opportunity to serve on the Board.  My 30 years of consulting experience and longstanding history of volunteering and serving in leadership roles within the profession have provided me with the necessary experiences to be successful in this role.  I have always been a strong proponent of education in actuarial science, as evidenced by my involvement in the CAS education system.  As a member of the board, I will devote my time and energy to keeping a sharp eye around the corner and help the profession evolve through these ever-changing times.