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2023 CAS Election — Cummings to be President-Elect

David Cummings has been elected CAS president-elect. He will assume his role at the close of the 2023 Annual Meeting in November, along with new board members Wanchin Chou, Sandy Lowe, Joe Milicia and Kathleen Ores-Walsh.

Balloting results for the 2023 CAS election closed on August 30. According to the election procedures approved by the Board, all vote counts are released to the membership. The counts follow:


David Cummings 1,766


Kathleen Ores-Walsh 1,132
Sandy Lowe 1,057
Joe Milicia 1,000
Wanchin Chou 974
Emma Casehart 955
Michael R. Larsen 945
John Aquino 755
Tom Struppeck 623

A total of 2,139 voting members cast ballots (25.6%), as compared to 3,070 voting members last year (37%).