Meet Clarisa B. Figueroa, Marketing and Corporate Relations Manager

Welcome to the CAS Staff Spotlight, a column featuring members of the CAS staff. For this spotlight, we are proud to introduce you to Clarisa Figueroa.

  • What do you do at the CAS?
    I manage the CAS Society Partners Program and am in charge of the promotion, sales and onsite execution of all exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities at CAS meetings and seminars. Part of my responsibilities is managing the marketing activities that promote the CAS continuing education programs to internal and external audiences. I also serve as a staff liaison for the CAS Employers Advisory Council and its oversight committee.

Some of my other duties include collaborating with the online services department to promote and manage the CAS Career Center, managing Actuarial Review print advertising and working on other CAS marketing projects as needed, such as the weekly email bulletin and social media.

  • What do you enjoy most about your job?
    My favorite thing is connecting with people. I am in constant communication with our Society Partners, vendors and staff — developing long-lasting relationships among these groups is of great importance to me both personally and professionally.
  • What’s your hometown?
    I was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, but was raised in Puerto Rico. Even though I have always considered myself Dominican and all my family lives there, my parents live in Toa Alta, Puerto Rico, which makes it my home.
  • Where’d you go to college and what’s your degree?
    I attended the University of Puerto Rico in Carolina. After being inspired by the movie A Few Good Men, I decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice — all on the premise that “I can handle the truth!” (Laughs.)
  • What was your first job out of college?
    During my last year of school, I realized I wanted to improve my conversational English, and with so many hotels in the area, working at any of them would be a great experience. I loved interacting with people so much, I decided to shift my career to marketing and started this journey as a marketing coordinator for H&R Block in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Describe yourself in three words.
    Outgoing. Optimistic. Teammate.
  • What’s your favorite weekend activity?
    Doing handcrafts or painting with my daughter. My favorite hobbies outside of motherhood are dancing and playing basketball.
  • What’s your favorite travel destination?
    The Caribbean is my favorite place to visit. I am forever in love with our tropical weather and delicious food. My dream destination is France, bien sûr!
  • Name one interesting or fun fact about you.
    I have written six notebooks filled with poetry and memoirs.